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Uncategorized Nov 11, 2020

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of articles out there on claiming which exercises are better or worse for your health and longevity.  


“Interval training” has become one of the hot buzz words in the exercise community, and justifiably so. Research has shown that such exercise is one of the best options available - especially to help slow the aging process.


Aging gracefully is all about taking care of our mitochondria - the little energy factories in each cell. As we get older, their function can start to diminish, which plays a key role in aging of the body. However, new research has shown a little-known strategy to boost the longevity and function of our mitochondria - regular bursts of high intensity exercise.


People are told to exercise for all sorts of reasons, but regular exercise is one of life’s magic bullets when it comes to remaining physically and mentally agile into the elder years. Any kind of regular exercise is better than none when it comes to health and longevity.


However, when it comes to nurturing cellular mitochondria and thus better preserving your overall health, one form of exercise outshines the rest - intervals of high intensity exercise (aka HIIT workouts!). This means an exercise routine that boosts the heart rate to healthy upper thresholds for several minutes at a time with built-in rest periods.


How Different Forms of Exercise Affect the Aging Process 


Although any regular physical activity makes for a better aging process, a recent Mayo Clinic study showed different types improve aging in different ways.


The study divided healthy but sedentary men and women under the age of 30 and over the age of 64 into several groups of exercise:


  • Vigorous weight-lifting several times a week.
  • Interval training three times a week on stationary bikes (they did three sets of pedaling hard for four minutes and resting for three minutes).
  • Alternated between mild weight lifting and moderate pedaling on a stationary bike throughout the week.
  • No exercise.


Not surprisingly, all the groups who exercised reported better blood sugar control and fitness after three months of regular exercise. The vigorous weight lifters gained muscle mass while the interval exercises gained more endurance.

But the finding that surprised researchers was cellular improvement in the interval exercisers. The under-30 interval exercisers showed changes in 274 genes, compared to 170 genes in the young moderate mixed exercise group and 74 genes in the young weightlifters.


However, the older interval exercisers showed changes in 400 genes, compared to only 19 for the older moderate exercisers and 33 for the older weightlifters.


In other words, interval exercising is the most advantageous at any stage of life, but it’s significantly more advantageous the older you are compared to other forms of exercise.


How Interval Training Improves Aging


Researchers theorize interval training is beneficial, because it increases the number and health of cellular mitochondria. This means more energy for muscles (including the heart), better brain function, and better recovery and regeneration.


The fact that the older participants had a more robust response to high intensity interval training (HIIT) shows it’s NEVER too late to exercise, especially if you do the most beneficial kind. Another bonus? You can extract the most gains in the least amount of time from interval exercise, which requires less time than other forms.


How to Interval Train for Better Health + Graceful Aging


To interval train simply push yourself to your maximum effort for several minutes several times in your routine, with short periods of rest in between sets. Work within your capacity and don’t over train — over exercising causes inflammation and can damage mitochondria. 


Personally, I like following someone's lead, so I just look up HIIT workouts on Youtube.


If you’re having health issues, it’s very important that you work with a practitioner that helps you uncover the root cause of your health concerns. A real long-term solution should include a testing schedule, personalized nutrition, supplementation, and a lifestyle strategy customized to meet your specific needs.  


It’s time to restore balance back to your body, and to your life.

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