Boundaries for Health and Wellness Professionals

Do you hop on a call with a potential new client, and minutes into the conversation, feel tightness pop up in your chest? 

You already know they’re not your soulmate client, the one you’ve spent time trying to call in. But by the end of the call, they’re absolutely dying to work with you. 


They know what you bring to the table is amazing, but you know that you two just aren’t the right fit. 

You open your mouth to gently turn them down and make a recommendation… but the only thing that comes out is “Great, I’ll send you over the intake forms as soon as I have a deposit!” 

You didn’t mean to do that. But it’s already too late, they’re hanging up, and seconds later you have the deposit waiting for you. You’re not in it just for the money, though, so it doesn’t spark as much joy as you’d hoped. 

Still, you convince yourself that you might be “overreacting” and everything will be fine. You push yourself to have your first session with your new client… and it goes exactly like you thought it would. 

Not bad, but not amazing. Your soul isn’t singing when you jump off the call. 

Does this sound familiar? 

Whether you find yourself taking on clients that aren’t a perfect fit because you haven’t healed your mindset around money, or because you don’t yet have strong enough boundaries to give them a “no,” you’re not alone in this struggle. 

When I first started The WELLthy Woman, I had more than one name on my client roster that wasn’t a perfect fit. They were awesome people on the road to true WELLth, but I wasn’t the right practitioner to help them on their journey. 

If you find yourself dreading a name (or more) on your schedule, it’s time to set some boundaries in your business. In order to call in the perfect fit, you have to show the Universe that you’re ready and available for them.

What’s stopping you from holding boundaries around your client roster? 


Learn more about setting powerful boundaries, growing your health and wellness business online, and integrating functional lab work into your health plans here. 

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