The Best Way to Demonstrate Health Success with Your Active Clients

Back in the day, I had more than one client come to me after we’d been working together for months (or even years), feeling like they weren’t making much progress. They were worried that they weren't following my advice correctly, or doing enough to assist themselves in their own healing. 

Guess what? Every single time, without fail, these are some of the clients that have come the farthest in our time working together. 

But they can’t see it. 

This is why functional labs analysis is SO important! There’s literally no better feeling in the entire world than being able to look back at a client’s progress WITH THEM and show them how far they’ve actually come. 

That’s the beauty of functional lab analysis (and proper client tracking!). 

And it’s why I’m so obsessed with teaching practitioners how to use functional labs in their work. 

Here’s what functional analysis means for your clients: 

  • Understanding the patterns that are unique to THEIR body, so they can be treated as the individual they are, instead of using generalized treatments 
  • Understanding that the body, mind, and spirit are all one being, and we can’t treat just the symptoms and expect results
  • Advice and recommendations that take into account patterns and threads showing up across all of their lab results, not just one lab

Functional lab analysis has discovered early-stage thyroid cancer. It’s helped my clients completely change their life. It’s given them a new definition of what it means to be healthy. 

It’s helped them discover true WELLth. 

If you’re ready to commit to your practice and become a WELLth practitioner, my WELLth Mentorship is currently open for enrollment. 

When you join me, you’ll be treated to 6 months of deep-dive group coaching work to expand your practice as you shift into the new paradigm of healthcare. 

And you’ll also learn my signature Functional Lab strategy, which includes: 

  • Digestive analysis
  • Food sensitivities
  • Organic acids
  • Hormones + adrenals
  • Blood chemistry
  • Functional genomics

This is one of the only places you can learn holistic functional lab analysis. Click here to learn more. 🤍

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