To Take Your Functional Health Practice Virtual or Not? The Choice to Evolve or Settle

The two choices I was faced with when deciding to take my functional health practice virtual:

  1. Get uncomfortable and evolve.
  2. Stay comfortable and settle.

Which choice is in alignment with your values, number one or number two?

We all have the power of choice. If we don’t like where we’re at in life, we can change it! But that change is often uncomfortable…

If y’all know me at all, you know that settling isn’t an option.

Four years ago, I chose to evolve by leaving my brick-and-mortar practice and taking my business online…and it was uncomfortableBut it was also the BEST choice I’ve ever made (and the reason you’re reading this right now).

As humans, it’s natural for us to gravitate toward the familiar and resist the unknown in the name of safety and security. It’s tied to our ancestral drive to survive. But by focusing only on remaining comfortable, we limit ourselves from the full range of the human experience—AND from reaching our full potential.

Remaining comfortable means we put a ceiling on:

  • The number of people we can help
  • The level of personal freedom we can achieve
  • The amount of income we can generate

I didn’t sign up to work non-stop; to be a slave to insurance companies and stand by as my patients became further enmeshed in a broken medical system. When I reflected on what my soul wanted, it became crystal clear. I needed FREEDOM—time, emotional, financial, and geographical.

Can you relate? 

What if you could learn how to start, scale, and grow your virtual practice in only 5 days without having to make all the same mistakes I made? (And for only $111?!)

This is precisely why I created 2021 Virtual Practice: From Start To Scale…so you don’t have to learn the hard way!

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