Functional Medicine Lab Testing: Think You Don't Know Enough?

Are you a health practitioner who thinks you don’t know enough to run functional medicine lab tests? Well, I have some news for you…⁣

You’ll likely never feel like you know enough.⁣ You’ll continue reaching for the next:

  • certification program⁣⠀
  • CEU course⁣⠀
  • group of fancy letters after your name⁣

We tend to be perfectionists…and covert procrastinators. (Hey, it takes one to know one.)

There’s comfort in being a perpetual student.⁣ But at a certain point, the best way to learn is by doing. I may be an ND, MSAOM, FDN-P but all this knowledge I have in my brain means nothing without implementation.⁣

The only way to build your confidence and start transforming lives is by putting your knowledge into action.
One of the most beneficial hands-on learning tools when it comes to understanding functional labs?⁣ Run them on thyself! This is what we do inside the WELLth Mentorship.⁣

The practitioners in this container:⁣

  • get firsthand experience with the specimen collection⁣
  • gain in-depth support with interpretation⁣
  • create a customized protocol for themselves⁣

This creates a deeper understanding of the labs and what you will be asking of your clients.⁣

When you’re able to empower your clients through a bio-individual approach using functional labs, you’re able to create comprehensive strategies with customized protocols that produce consistent results.⁣ And consistent results are what lead to meaningful relationships, referrals, and testimonials.⁣⠀
Not only that, but by using themes around bio-individuality, practitioners can teach their clients how to make the best decisions for themselves, now and in the future.⁣ This leads to client sovereignty—clients that take responsibility for their health and stop outsourcing their well-being to “experts.”⁣

Want to learn more about functional labs?⁣ Then I invite you to check out the WELLth Mentorship—a high-touch business and clinical development program that gives you the tools you need to start, grow and scale a successful virtual practice, while also mastering the art of functional laboratory analysis.⁣

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