Functional Health Practitioners: Are you in the 'Goo Phase' of Metamorphosis?

Are you a functional health practitioner who feels like you’re stuck living in the same old cycle?⁣ Doing things the way you’ve always done them, knowing there is something more—something beyond your current circumstance. You can feel it bubbling beneath the surface.⁣

I like to call this the ‘GOO phase’ of metamorphosis.⁣

People love the idea of metamorphosis, but the discomfort of the goo phase? ⁣Erm, not so much.⁣ We tend to get caught up in all the exciting prospects & possibilities of what could be once we reach the other side…without surrendering to the GREAT GOO.⁣⠀
What the hell am I talking about? What I’m trying to say is…⁣⠀
We don’t just hop into a chrysalis and sprout wings overnight.⁣ We’ve gotta turn into goo first—we’ve gotta dissolve and then be reassembled.⁣

Before our caterpillar selves can become butterflies, we need to completely deconstruct old health paradigms, approaches, strategies, assumptions, habits, patterns, and stories that have been holding us back.⁣
This isn’t an easy task, but I just happen to know a whole group of women who are on this journey and they can tell you— it is so worth it.⁣⠀
If you’re still with me, this may just be your sign to begin building a virtual practice that feels aligned at a soul level.

The WELLth Mentorship was created because I know what it’s like to have a deep desire for FREEDOM but feel stuck in an unfulfilling & outdated paradigm.⁣ This container is about taking all of your current talents, modalities, experience, and wisdom, and enhancing them to create a sustainable virtual practice that attracts your ideal clients by showcasing your unique gifts.⁣⠀
It includes:⁣

  • a blueprint of a proven process⁣
  • on-demand support⁣
  • behind-the-scenes access to my protocols
  • a detailed curriculum⁣
  • a supportive community⁣
  • lifetime access⁣

Hear from other practitioners who have been through the goo phase and emerged from the WELLth Mentorship butterflies!

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