Why NOW is the Best Time to Take your Health Business Online.

People are so freakin innovative. You NEVER know what they're capable of.

And I love that about the human race.

The last two years have sucked for a lot of people. I’m not going to deny that, and I know you guys won’t, either. But there is one massive blessing that’s come out of it.

Virtual healing, virtual medicine, virtual health consults… they’re SO much more accepted now.

When I first went online with my business, one of the things that I heard over and over again was: “how are you going to help people heal… ONLINE??”

So many of my colleagues from my brick-and-mortar practice had limiting beliefs around the online space. They didn’t think that I could do a better job, or even the same job, at helping people heal virtually.

But I didn’t listen to a single one of them. I took the first steps forward and transitioned into a virtual practice because I could see where the online space was going. I knew it was only a matter of time before virtual care became the standard.


Virtual care allows for so much freedom. It allows you to treat your clients the way you KNOW they need to be treated. You can live anywhere you want because you can work from anywhere.

And most importantly, virtual care opens the doorways to healing for people that would have never had access to it before. I’ve worked with clients from all over the country (and around the world).

I would have never been able to help these people discover true WELLth if I had stayed in my brick-and-mortar practice. These people would have likely never even heard of me, and if they did, very few of them would have been able to travel to receive in-person care from me.

The virtual space is changing all of that.

We’re at the very beginning.

Now is the time to take your practice online. Now is the time to open the door of your care to people from all around the world, because we’re still at the very forefront of what online care is going to become.

It’s already starting to be the norm. If you’ve been reading my posts, watching my lives, looking at what I’ve done, and wishing that you could take the leap to move your practice online, this is your sign.

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