How to Grow Your Online Health Practice With Ease

I had to find the feminine flow in my business in order to truly find happiness and continue to grow my business. 

I can thank Mexico for that.

Any business, but specifically online business with all its distractions and leaky boundaries can challenge you to stay fully present, prioritize play, and BE more than DO because you can DO something all the time. 

Unlike my old practice, the office never closes, my workspace can be my favorite coffee shop, beside the ocean, or at a co-working space if I want it to be. 

If you’re not careful, the benefits of online business can become what inhibits the freedom you desired to begin with. 

When I moved to Mexico, I literally didn’t have a choice but to soften into more feminine ease in my life. It was all catalyzed by the fact that on Day 1 (literally) I met my now boyfriend and adopted a rescue dog on arrival. 

Mexico is magic! The land here beckons me with open arms, the sea calls to me like a long-lost friend… I moved here, and the spirit of these ancient grounds called me to take in the peace of the beaches, the beauty of nature, and the warmth of the people. 

For the first time since I’d started my business, I let myself truly take time off of work. 

I even brought in a brilliant COO to start handling that masculine energy in my business, so I could really allow myself to play in the feminine. He does the systems, the strategies, the “business” and hands me this wonderful container that I get to play in. 

I don’t even want to do those things in my business anymore, whereas before I had been clinging to it like a lifeline. 

I’m in a completely different place now. And it’s not like there was anything wrong before, but being in Mexico showed how much more freedom I could experience in my business. 

You can have this experience, too. In fact, when you join VIP WELLth Mastermind, it’s the exact experience you will be treated to. 

It’s these nuanced shifts in your life and business that will take your business to new levels.

The leaders I bring into this space experience personal growth, development, and expansion on a scale they’ve never even thought was possible. I work with you 1:1 to help you collapse time and truly up-level, just as I did on that first day I moved to Mexico. 

Growing your online health practice with ease and serving your clients isn’t always about another strategy or unlocking more lab tests, it’s also your ability to ask for support, releasing the need to be on all the time, building a team, and prioritizing your health and wellbeing.

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