Imposter Syndrome: Something We Must Bravely Challenge On A Regular Basis

I broke through my comfort zone earlier this year when I had my biggest revenue month to date.

You would think I’d be feeling expansive, abundant, and empowered…⁣but I actually ended up completely contracting and shutting myself down.⁣⠀
The imposter gremlin whispered in my ear, “Who are you to create this level of wealth?”⁣ Even though I have:⁣

My fear of being “found out” dropped me back into my comfort zone and out of alignment with my mission to shift the health and wellness paradigm.⁣⠀
Thankfully this was a momentary freeze, but it illustrates how remaining in our comfort zone can prevent us from reaching our full potential, and worse—it causes us to withhold our gifts from those who need our help.⁣⠀
None of us are immune to imposter syndrome. In fact, 70 percent of people feel like a fraud.⁣

Often the more success we experience, the more frequently we have to deal with this feeling of inadequacy, despite the mounting evidence that we’re total badasses.

So, since we can’t completely get rid of imposter syndrome, we may as well learn to manage it.⁣ How?⁣ We can befriend our fear, instead of wanting to punch it in the face.⁣ We can say to ourselves, “hey fear, I know you’re just looking out for me, but I got this.”⁣⠀
And the BIG ONE: remain focused on being of service.⁣
Whenever we start to feel like a fraud, it’s usually because we’re more focused on ourselves, rather than being focused on our clients.⁣ It’s also important to surround ourselves with like-minded people who are on the same path, who can reaffirm that we are not, in fact, charlatans.⁣

This community exists inside the WELLth Mentorship.⁣ Come join a group of practitioners who will cheer you on, share in the excitement of your dream, and catch you when you think you’re falling.⁣

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