How Practitioners Can Improve Client Outcomes

I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to get results for your clients, and what leads to little or no results. The practitioners that work with me and join my inner circle DO get results, time and time again (and I’ve got the case studies to back that up!) 

The reason? 

I’ve learned to look at everything from a completely macroscopic view, which unfortunately is not taught in naturopathic school.

I really wish it was, though. Instead, the current supposedly holistic health curriculum leaves students stuck in a reductionistic mindset, limiting their ability to truly help their clients. 

 I used to live in this mindset, too, because it was what had been taught to me. But now I do the opposite, and my clients see real, lasting, healing results. 

A lot of what we’ve been taught is guesswork. We’re told to give out a lot of supplements and hope that one of them will work its magic, instead of being shown how to pinpoint the cause of our client’s ailments. The things that we’ve been taught treat the symptoms, but they don’t heal.

As a lot of you have probably experienced, these teachings lead to lots of people stepping away from naturopathic medicine, and not believing in the possibilities. It’s why Western culture is so against it. Not because naturopathic medicine doesn’t work (it does) but because we’ve been taught to look at it from a reductionist viewpoint.

It’s not a new model they’re teaching, it’s the old outdated allopathic health system masked by natural supplements.

I left that behind a long time ago. This is why I am one of few practitioners that gets results every. 👏  Single. 👏  Time. 👏

And I help my clients do the same inside my mastermind programs using my signature functional lab analysis methodology, and experience as the CEO of a thriving multi-six figure business.

When you join my inner circle, we look at your business and practice from two standpoints: how to grow your online practice AND how to get your clients even better results.

Yes, I’m going to actually train you as a practitioner. That’s why my mastermind is so different than what you would receive from any other business mentor.

Everything that I’ve learned, everything that gets my students results… has come from outside of school. From masterminds like this.

It’s time to shift the health and wellness paradigm and create a life of true WELLth - full of abundance, purpose, health, wealth, and joy!

Now it’s your turn.

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