How Your Money Mindset Affects Business Growth

“I almost didn’t offer my services to someone, because I THOUGHT they couldn’t afford it.” 

This is what one of my mentorship clients said to me the other week, and I know she’s not alone in this mindset. 

Your service is life-saving. By not offering to someone, by martyring yourself because you think it’s “helping” them financially, you’re actually doing your potential clients a disservice. 

I had this mindset when I first transitioned into an online practitioner. One of my first packages started at $6,000, and I remember being on a call with a woman who was a Goodwill cashier. 

She NEEDED my services. She needed to heal. But my own mindset kept me stuck because when it came time to offer my services to her, my mind said “Don’t. There’s no way she can afford this. Why would you offer her something you know she can’t afford?” 

So I almost didn’t. But something stopped me. The way this woman was looking at me, practically glowing as I told her that healing was possible, that she didn’t have to feel this way forever, no matter what her doctor may have told her… 

It was selfish of me to keep my offer from her. I thought I was worried about her financial state, but the truth was that I was worried about myself. I didn’t want to get rejected. 

I offered it to her anyway, despite what my subconscious mind and limiting beliefs were screaming at me. 

And guess what? 

She freakin figured it out. She came back to me and signed up for my package - and she could afford it. 

My client healed. The woman from my mentorship did the same thing - she offered ANYWAYS- and her client figured it out. 

Her client’s life transformed. 

It’s not our job to decide what our clients can and cannot afford. That job is theirs. Our job is to be damn good at what we do, and to spread our offers as far and wide as possible so that people have the opportunity to accept or decline. 

We’re not in charge of their lives. So why would we be selfish enough to KEEP the life-saving services we have to offer from them? 

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