2 shifts to make in your Health and Wellness Business for more Freedom and Abundance

2 energetic shifts to make in your health and wellness business for more WELLth and freedom-oozing success.


Shift #1
First up is your MONEY MINDSET

What comes to mind when you have to pay a bill? What does that feel like in your body? Do you dread every bill that comes in and feel heavy and stuck? 

Or do you feel super freaking grateful that “I GET TO!” exchange my energy, in the form of money, for the energy I get back once I pay this bill. 

Hint… the second one is the energy we want to spend our time in⚡️


Shift #2
Next up, client energetic alignment

How are you feeling when you look at your client roster? I remember a time in my business where I would check my schedule and see certain names, and I would just get this fuzzy little feeling of anxiety. Not because I didn’t like my client, or because they were anything but awesome… 

But because we just weren’t in alignment. Every time I hopped on the phone with them, it felt like pulling teeth. 

(Now, I’m so in love with my clients that I can’t even remember the last time I felt this way!) 

It’s time to stop viewing your sales and business as “I just need to get people in the door.”

That’s how you end up stressed over money all of the time and dreading client calls. 

Your energy GETS to be one of complete fulfillment. After all, that’s why you started in the first place, right? 

If this blog resonates with you, I want to be the guiding hand that helps you align your business energetics with your goals and dreams. My WELLth Mentorship is the intimate container you need to wholly align your body, mind, and spirit with the business you’ve always dreamed of. 

We’ll walk hand in hand as you… 

  • Create a streamlined system to approach complex clients so that you can consistently generate massive results (for both them and you)
  • Create personalized protocols in alignment with your whole body approach so that your dream clients feel seen and heard at all times
  • Stop wasting your valuable time and money on generic business coaches feeding you the same cookie-cutter tactics and strategies over and over again

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