My Favorite Healthy Travel Tips

Uncategorized Dec 23, 2020

We are busy ladies, and travel is just part of the game, so we need to do it wisely.


Although travel can be busy and distracting, self-care must ALWAYS be a priority. Taking command of some travel basics will allow you to relax and better enjoy your trip so you can come home rejuvenated instead of needing a vacation...  to possibly recover from a vacation.


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Tips for Traveling


Know what to expect food-wise, and always plan ahead.


A Paleo-inspired, Ketotarian approach, or some variation that works for you, will help you manage jet lag and keep your detox pathways open.


It's essential to be prepared - for instance, is there food you can safely eat while traveling and at your destination? (I personally prefer fasting until the next morning when traveling - ask me about it!)


Find out if there are health food stores in your area or gluten-free-friendly restaurants that serve other health-conscious foods.


If you’re staying in a hotel room, make sure it includes a mini-fridge or ask them to put one in your room.


Bring "just-in-case" snack foods for when you’re stuck on a plane or on the road, so hunger doesn’t tempt you to stray into dietary danger zones. Ideas include coconut chips, beef jerky, celery, sardines, olives, nuts and nut butter packets (if you’re ok with nuts), and other filling snacks.


Support with Glutathione 


Travel includes many stressors, such as lack of sleep, jet lag, different time zones, long days, unfamiliar environments, crowds, and so on. Stress is hard on the body, but glutathione is a great defense system that works well for many people. Glutathione is the body’s main antioxidant and it helps keep inflammation and flare-ups under control. It basically protects cells from damage caused by stress and toxins.


Glutathione is not absorbable orally on its own but glutathione precursors, like N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC), alpha-lipoic acid (ALA), cordyceps mushroom, and milk thistle are great. You can also take s-acetyl-glutathione, or liquid liposomal glutathione, which are more bioavailable. A topical glutathione cream may help too.


Toxic Hotel Room?


Call your hotel and ask whether artificial scents are used in the rooms - either air fresheners or cleaning products. Some hotels offer room options for extra sensitive people, such as allergy-free bedding, air purifiers, and windows that open - always ask for this!


If you know another frequent traveler, please share this valuable information - I’m sure they will appreciate it!

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