The New Paradigm Health Model

The current healthcare paradigm isn’t serving anyone. 

Being of service does not mean living a life of servitude. That model is old, outdated, and it just doesn’t work. It leaves you, the practitioner, drained, tired, and lacking the energy you NEED to truly serve others. 

It’s time to shift the paradigm and surrender to the natural flow of life. You can be of service and live a life of complete abundance. 

It’s exactly why I created my mentorship and mastermind programs so that I could support practitioners like yourself shift into this new way of health support. 

I wanted to create a way for you to learn all of the things that school has never taught us practitioners (and that took me YEARS to understand) so that you can help bring about this new paradigm where healthcare is truly about healing and not just treatment. A place where practitioners feel safe putting their needs first and filling their own cups up so that they can truly show up for their clients.

I knew that if we were to take a stand for the way things should be in healthcare I would need to develop a process for other practitioners to look at health more holistically so that we can all help people heal themselves and become the healthiest they can possibly be.

Here’s how you wave a big ol peace sign to the old paradigm of health:

  1. Through holistically looking at functional labs on the macro level, and treating the symptoms while ALSO working on the foundational problems that are the true cause of the issue. 

  2. Shifting into a transformation-focused model of health instead of jamming human beings into tiny appointment slots throughout the day.  
  3. Normalizing financial abundance amongst service providers. Aka - it’s okay to serve others, be paid well, enjoy a luxurious life, and take radical responsibility for your own health all at the same time.

If you’ve been feeling the pull to start a virtual practice, to free yourself of the constraints placed on you by physical locations, then this is your sign. 

This is the paradigm shift. It’s happening, and I’m asking you to be a part of it. Learn more about my mentorship programs here.

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