Practitioners Helping Practitioners: Why I'm Sharing Everything I Know

Passing down knowledge and wisdom from practitioner to practitioner isn't something that typically happens in our industry because of "trade secrets" and "proprietary info" and "intellectual property."

But how does this fear-based scarcity behavior help people?

I’m not a believer in hoarding information that others could benefit from. Because guess what? I’m not in competition! There’s plenty of potential success out there for all of us (whatever that means to you), and we all have our own ‘special sauce’ and those we’re uniquely qualified to help.⁣

So I’m not holding out.⁣

Inside the WELLth Mentorship, I share everything I know so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to starting, growing, and scaling your virtual practice.⁣ And I’m also doing this with the WELLthy Woman Method—something I’m truly proud to share with you and the people you love and serve.

Here you can get a taste of how I work with my 1:1 clients!⁣

This method is about empowering YOU (and your clients) to restore your health to its fullest potential—to approach your business, your family, and your social life with the vitality and mental clarity you need and deserve.⁣⠀
The WELLthy Woman Lifestyle Guide covers:⁣

  • Nutritional Guidelines⁣: Autoimmune Paleo, Modified Mediterranean Diet, Low Glycemic Diets, Meal Plans, Food Reintroduction, General Tips for Eating Out⁣
  • Digestive Health⁣: Leaky Gut, 6R Protocol, Probiotics, Vagus Nerve⁣
  • Purification⁣: Decreasing Toxins In Your Personal Care & Household Products, Reducing EMF Exposure, Removing Plastics⁣
  • Hormonal Health⁣: Adrenal Fatigue, Reducing Stress, Improving Sleep⁣
  • Movement⁣: 5 WELLthy Movements, Incorporating Time in Nature⁣
  • Meditation and Mindfulness⁣: 7 Steps to Start Your Meditation Practice, Self-Love Practices, The Neuroscience of Mindfulness Meditation⁣
  • PLUS ’30 Ways in 30 Days’!⁣ Here we cover everything from squatty potties and oral health, to communication styles and love languages…and so much more!⁣

The WELLthy Woman Lifestyle Guide includes TONS of valuable information to unlock you and your clients’ potential for healthy living based on your specific needs at the molecular level.⁣ We’re talking 220+ pages of functional health education that you can readapt and make your own to better serve your clients!⁣

Get your hands on the WELLthy Woman Lifestyle Guide

The WELLthy Woman Lifestyle Guide leads you through your wellness journey. In it you will find over 220 pages full of actionable information that will help you elevate your life and health.

For just $22, you can instantly access the pillars I use with my clients inside The WELLthy Woman Method and begin to take back control of your health.