Handling the Holidays (and other social events)

As we close out the year, I know most of us are wooed by those incredibly nostalgic, mouth-watering, yet inflammatory-inducing comfort foods. So, I wanted to pop in to urge you to remain mindful through this very cozy season, so you can steer clear of the shame spirals and puddles of guilt.

No one wants that.

If you’re avoiding these foods to upgrade your health (and life!), BUT you’re anxious about how to stay on track through these potentially trying times, keep reading, because I’m going to share some power moves with you.

When you’re prepared for what’s to come, it becomes MUCH easier to navigate the terrain -- whether it’s the holidays, a social event or a casual get together.

Being mindful, especially during a season where indulgence is glorified and everything looks, smells, and tastes incredible, is essential. Unfortunately, the road to chronic disease - from autoimmunity to heart disease - is paved with sugar and refined carbohydrates....

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