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"Before I started working with Michelle I experienced brain fog, fatigue, joint pain, IBS, PMS, and mood and sleep disturbances on an almost daily basis. 

Traditional doctors couldn't find anything wrong with me and attributed the majority of my symptoms to "anxiety".

My experience with Michelle was totally opposite that of traditional doctors--she didn't think for a second that my symptoms were all in my head and assured me we'd get to the root cause.

The lab work ordered by Michelle was way more comprehensive than that of my traditional doc. Michelle interpreted the results and provided me with a 20-page, color-coded PDF, complete with charts and graphs that were easy to understand. It was such a relief to finally figure out was going on in my body! 

In order to heal my gut, I followed Michelle's 5R Protocol and soon saw an incredible change in my health and quality of life.

The improvement I saw in my digestion, tolerance to previously intolerable foods, energy levels, mood, joint pain, and ability to focus were remarkable.

I went from being a spectator of life--only having the energy to do the bare minimum--to pursuing my passions and living a life of possibility. 

Michelle was relentless when it came to finding out what would work for me as an individual, and her desire to help me (and other women like me) in moving closer to their full potential is evident.

The best part of my experience--Michelle empowered ME through education on how to maintain my health through diet, lifestyle, limiting exposure to environmental toxins, and mind/body techniques.

By doing this, she gave me confidence in my body's innate ability to heal and in MY ability to support and guide it along the way. I am eternally grateful to Michelle, and I now recommend her to every woman I know struggling with seemingly "mysterious" symptoms."


- Jaclyn Hubersberger


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